INTRODUCING: A NEW WAY to do Leadership Development
  • Do you struggle with working harder and getting poorer results?
  • ​Are your working hours getting longer and impacting your life?
  • Have you tried developing new habits but find they are hard to maintain?
  • Are you looking for people who understand you and your relationship to work?
  • ​Do you find yourself slipping back into old ways of managing and want that to change?
  • ​Are you still not the leader you truly want to be?

I've been there. 

Sitting in cold and drafty conference room listening to the latest gurus on leadership style talk to us about how we can find ours,  we might pick up one or two things that sound good. But by the third day back at work, we slip back into our old patterns, routines, and disillusionment.

If you are tired of leadership programs that only touch the surface while you crave deeper, lasting personal change it's time to register for

Leadership YOU!

What You Gain from Membership
Focus #1: Where to focus  to make you the best leader possible
Life-focused leadership  encourages women to focus on their own well-being first -- mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, -- as a way to magnify their leadership ability and live the life of your dreams.

This focus includes personal development, accountability for goals, stress management, and a positive, supportive community

Focus #2: How to stand out in a crowded field of Leaders
Develop, refine and maintain a leadership brand that describes your value. Present your credibility and authority in your field to stand out in the crowd.

This focus concentrates on career development, having a plan of action for what you want to achieve and clear accountability to help you get there.

Focus #3: How to Future Proof Your Career and Prioritize Your Life
Monthly learning sessions,  networking with other women leaders , Guest Speakers training on a range of wellness and leadership topics, and, most importantly, accountability supports to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

This focus brings it all together -- managing a rewarding and busy career with having a robust and happy personal life.
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Focus on yourself so that you can be the best leader possible

Levels of Participation



Founding Member
Lifetime Plan
$2997 one time

At the affordable price of $47 per month, this plan is perfect for the leader who is unsure about what she needs.

Perfect to try the membership out and prove to  yourself that it can support your career AND life goals.

The monthly plan includes all the Focus areas available during the months that are paid, access to a community space (separate from social media) and all the monthly live coachings and guest events.
The yearly plan for $550 is for the leader who knows what she wants and knows she needs support to get there.

All the benefits of the Monthly plan PLUS 2 1:1 sessions with Chris per year comprise this package.

Extra accountability, extra support and extra success.
The Founding Member Lifetime Plan is the ultimate in professional development.

A one-time only payment that entitles you to all the benefits of the yearly plan PLUS access to all current and future Bootcamps offered by New Wellness Perspective at the Basic Level (not VIP).

This level also entitles you to participate for free in any guest sessions that may have extra pricing for other tiers.

You will never have to pay another dollar for anything offered in Leadership YOU!

What to Expect from the Membership

  • 2X Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Professional Development Courses - interaction and self-guided
  • Career Strategy Sessions
  • ​Special Events and Guest Presenters
  • ​Accountability  Supports
  • ​Monthly Newsletter
  • ​Mastermind Groups 
  • ​Life and Leadership Balance Sessions
  • ​Mid-Level Leadership Book Club
  • ​Community accessed via the Web or our App -- NOT on social media
If you want to see transformation in your personal health, wellness, mindset and leadership....then Leadership YOU! is where you want to be.

It is time to take action!

By embracing Life-Focused Leadership, you set yourself up with the skills, knowledge and desire to energize your career and maintain a rewarding personal life.

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